Kristen Johnson shares her secrets to the good life!

Check out Kirksey’s own Kristen Johnson as she shares what inspires her as an interior designer, some things she can’t live without, and her own personal design style.

The Green Prophet

I had never heard of John Picard before today. He’s got an incredible story that begins with designing custom homes for the extravagantly wealthy and eventually leads to consulting presidents, major corporations, and the USGBC about sustainable development. This video link below gives a brief snapshot of what sparked the transformation in his perspective and shares his insights about the future of sustainable design.

Video: The Green Prophet by Eastman Innovation Lab

Check out Gizmodo’s “Guide to Green Luxury”!

“With the help of BMW i, we’re proud to present the Gizmodo Guide to Green Luxury. Last week we featured a whole slew of eco-fabulous ways for you to trot the globe. Today we’re bringing green glamour a little closer to home—your actual home, to be exact. Below you’ll find some examples of sumptuous sustainable architecture, Earth-hugging home goods, and an assortment of gadgets that will keep you living lavishly—and responsibly.”
Gizmodo's Guide to Green Luxury